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Crackstreams Sports Website Down? Top 5 Crackstreams Alternatives

Crackstreams Sports Website Down? Top 5 Crackstreams Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Crackstreams is a free live-streaming sports website that allows you to watch live sports. It is a one-stop solution for all sports streaming needs.
  • Crackstream has been a popular way for fans to watch sports for free over the internet, but lately, there have been reports that the website is down.
  • Fotyval, LiveTV, sportsurge, sportstream, and cricHD are the top five alternatives to crackstreams.
  • The alternative sites mentioned above are good places to watch live sports until Cracstreams is back up and running. Give it a try to all!
  • The alternate website may be a viable option for sports fans who wish to stream their favorite team’s games for free until the official crackstreams come back online to entertain them.

 We all love free live sports – they are just one of the best things on the internet, right? It’s all about a weekend snooker session, or watching the team you support live. Crackstreams is a live-streaming sports website that allows you to watch live sports for free.

Ever since crackstreams started streaming sports for free over the internet, fans have been flocking in their droves to enjoy this brand new experience of live sports watching at home. Lately, however, there have been reports that crackstreams is down. Some people are even saying this website might be closed down! You’re probably frustrated right now because you can’t watch your favorite game.

It has been confirmed by Tech Blogs In USA that crackstreams has gone offline. But fortunately, we scoured the web for the 5 best live sports streams or sites like crackstreams.

Crackstreams Overview


CrackStreams provide a one-stop solution for all sports streaming needs. They are passionate about the game and want to share that passion with you. The platform has a team of experts who know how to stream any sporting event, no matter what your need may be.

Their goal is to simplify your life by making it easy for you to watch any sporting event you want at any time. The platform provides a high-quality live streaming platform that allows you to watch live streams from around the world in real-time. You can also access archives of previous games so that you never miss out on an important match, even if it has already happened!

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Top 5 Crackstreams Alternatives To Watch Live Sports

Crackstreams is an amazing website for watching live sports. Unfortunately, it is down for some time now. If you are looking for a good alternative to watching live sports online, then you should check out the following five websites:


Fotyval sports app

Fotyval is a great alternative to Crackstreams; it’s easy to use. You can watch all the latest sports on Fotyval, including football, basketball, baseball, American football, and much more.

There are no restrictions on streaming quality. You can even stream in 4K if your device supports it. The service also provides live audio commentary for most games, so you can listen to the game while watching it at the same time.


  •       A wide variety of sports—you can watch everything from football to basketball to soccer on Fotyval!
  •       The best quality streams— Streams are of the highest quality possible, so you don’t miss a thing!
  •       Reliable service—no matter what device you use or where you’re located, Fotyval will work for you!
  •       Easy navigation—The website is super easy to navigate, so whether you’re watching on your phone or computer, it’ll all be easy and breezy!
  •       A growing library of content—It keeps adding more content every day, so there’s always something new coming soon!

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LiveTV offers free streaming of sports and other events for viewers in the US and Canada. The website has a large collection of live streams covering everything from football matches to basketball games to tennis matches. The video quality varies depending on your internet connection, but generally, it’s very high quality, even if it doesn’t match cable TV quality exactly.


  •       High-quality streams that do not require any additional software or downloads
  •       Several different viewing options (for example, you can watch games in full-screen mode)
  •       A wide range of sports channels to choose from
  •       If you have enough data, you can even watch in 4K HD!
  •       You can customize the experience with add-ons like fantasy leagues and real-time stats.



Sportsurge is similar to Crackstreams in that it allows you to watch live sports on the internet for free. The site has a great interface, with several live-streaming channels and categories. You can also find links to free live sports streams, which come in handy if you are looking for a specific event or league.

You can watch all sports events online, such as football, tennis, basketball, and more. If you want to watch the best matches from around the world, this site is perfect for you. The best thing about it is that it has no ads or pop-ups, and you don’t even need to sign up for an account!


  •       The app is free!
  •       It supports all kinds of devices—phones, tablets, and computers—so you can watch any game wherever you want.
  •       You can sort by team and sport so that finding what you’re looking for is easy and quick.
  •       You can even play Fantasy Sports right on the app! Who doesn’t love that?
  •       And last but not least, there are no ads! That’s right: no ads ever!

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Sportstream app

Sportstream is another great alternative to Crackstreams. Like Sportsurge, this site offers access to many different sports events and leagues, including football, basketball, and tennis among others. It also has a channel guide that lets you find anything from local games to international competitions happening all over the world at any given time.


  •       Sportstream is an app that allows you to watch your favorite sports in real time!
  •       With Sportstream, you can watch your favorite teams play on any device.
  •       Sportstream has a clean and easy-to-use interface that will make you feel right at home while watching your favorite games!
  •       No more having to sit through commercials or wait for the game to start—you can get right into it with Sportstream!
  •       You’ll never miss a moment of the action with Sportstream’s built-in DVR feature



CricHD is one of the best alternatives to crackstreams. It is a live-streaming website that offers cricket games and other sports events in HD quality. It also supports Chromecast, Airplay, and Roku devices, so you can watch all the matches on your television.

The website also has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can stream from anywhere at any time. The app comes with a built-in Chromecast feature which means you can watch your favorite game on your television screen by tapping the cast button.


  •       CricHD is the best place to watch all international cricket matches, including Test matches and T20s.
  •       You can stream in HD or SD quality depending on your internet speed.
  •       They have a lot of different languages available for you.
  •       The support team is available 24/7 via live chat or email
  •       The most important feature: it’s free! Try us out for yourself today!

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The Bottom Line

We hope you found our recommendations helpful. Each of these alternative live sports websites does have its unique offerings, as well as drawbacks. (No service is perfect for everyone.) We encourage you to test these alternatives by visiting their sites and seeing how they work for you.

All the sites mentioned above are perfectly valid options to fill in for crackstreams until it is back up and running. We highly recommend giving all of them a try if you have time during the downtime, as they provide a wonderfully unique experience while watching live sports.


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