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Elon Musk Model Pi Smartphone – Will it Disrupt the Smartphone Industry?

Elon Musk Pi Phone

Early this year, people all over the world had a glimpse of what a Tesla phone might look like. These weren’t just your ordinary run-of-the-mill concept images. Designer Antonio De Rose and his ADR Studio Design Lab released a proper concept video. The video highlights just how Elon Musk Model Pi smartphone would look.

But the biggest question for most is, would a company like Tesla be able to break into the smartphone market?


Tesla is primarily an electric vehicle manufacturing company that has evolved from a pretty unknown company. It began its roots in rough waters, from the supply of machine parts to disagreements amongst investors and loss of talent.

However, Elon has managed to forge it into a hub of innovation, making the company a leader in electric vehicles.

In 2020, the company’s CEO gained lucrative fame for the launch of the Crew Dragon Spacecraft, a collaboration between Elon’s SpaceX and NASA. And with 2021, we see Elon Musk striding into the year. Many experts have predicted that Elon Musk Model Pi smartphone would be a real game-changer for the smartphone industry, similar to all its previous endeavors.

The release date of the Tesla Model Pi Phone has been kept a secret by the company. But that wouldn’t deter us from discussing a bit about the features and appearance we know of.

Tesla Model Pi Phone


As known to us, the designer of the device is Antonio de Rosa. He’s also the person behind the exciting concepts that Apple has showcased in the past. This is why many have commented on the similarity between the iPhone 12 and the Tesla Model Pi smartphone.

Let’s take the most obvious. The back camera in both devices has a similar configuration of four cameras in a square frame. The sides of the phone also have a silvery tint. But that’s probably where the differences end.

They’ve announced that the device would have a photochromic coating that’d change colors. Thanks to innovation, they’ve added a photochromic layer that will shimmer with various pigments under sunlight with the back cover.

But that’s not all. Many noticed that the front camera wasn’t visible in the renders. They believe this could be because the front camera might be located under the display. There are also rumors floating about a solar panel for recharging the device.

But time will tell how many of the features will be a hit or miss with their audience. The device might also require rigid testing for all the new features that they plan to offer. Because though these seem like tempting offers, it may be futile if people aren’t able to use them.


What are the essential features of your smartphone? Depending upon the time of environment you run, your device can offer high-grade security, or you could have the flexibility to download apps for yourself.

Regardless of what it runs, each environment has its perks. But with Tesla, we’re just as much in the dark as you are. Here’s what we can tell you-

The Tesla Model Pi Phone will be supporting Starlink satellite internet. For those unaware of Starlink, it is easier to say that your phone will be getting internet from Tesla’s satellite. Starlink is Tesla’s pet project and sweetly falls in the smartphone-satellite game.

With this, Tesla plans to get low orbit satellites in the atmosphere and offer GPS, communication, messaging services, which are only getting more meaningful and profitable by the day.

It also features a four-lens camera system, which is present in the early concept art of the iPhone 12. And while nothing is confirmed beyond the number of lenses, it remains to be seen what all Tesla can manage to offer. Because cameras are one of the few niches where flagships try to stand out.

Keeping in mind the growing need for renewable power sources, the company has designed the Tesla Model Pi Phone to charge using solar energy. And keeping in mind that it can also integrate with Tesla’s cars, the phone comes as a perfect add-on to your Tesla vehicle.

Finally, Tesla intends to release many features that are a concept yet. This includes the ultrasonic fingerprint reader and the ability to connect with Neuralink. However, the answer to how viable these features would remains ambiguous. It might even be possible to buy this phone using crypto, which Tesla accepts for its cars and accessories.


Tesla may have rocked the mobile world with a startling revelation, but that is all it has done. The features look good on paper.

Still, the ability to transform those features into real-life use-case applications will be one of the biggest hurdles the company would face, second only to breaking the monopoly.

The market mostly belongs to the behemoths like Apple, Google, and Samsung, so breaking into a consumer base accustomed to top-of-the-line features is going to be a huge hurdle.

Bundle this in with the fact that there would be a price war as well, depending on the price that Tesla decides to sell its smartphones.

While Tesla might not overtake the world with a single smartphone offering, the features (both existing and rumored) seem to make it a worthwhile deal to invest in.

Now, if Tesla only prices its phone aggressively, it just might be able to topple the established brands and create a brand of its own.

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