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Meta Girlfriends becoming a reality

Meta Girlfriends Becoming A Reality

Key Highlights 

  • Meta Girlfriends are female humans inside the world of Metaverse who can potentially become your girlfriend.
  • Metaverse is a 3D virtual environment through which people can interact and connect with others while physically sitting on their couch.
  • People can acquire cyber girl in metaverse by purchasing meta girlfriends nft.
  • Dating has taken a new form with people finding romantic partners online through VRChat and other VR dating platforms.
  • Cryptocurrency plays a crucial role in the metaverse, especially when purchasing meta girlfriends nft and unlocking NSFW girlfriend features.
  • The new form of virtual connections may redefine how humans perceive cheating in real-world physical relationships.


Meta, formerly Facebook, aims to spend the next few years creating an immersive virtual environment for humans that includes touch, fragrance, and sound to allow users to lose themselves in virtual reality and become humans of the metaverse.

According to Gartner, 25% of people will likely spend at least one hour per day in the Metaverse by 2026.

This prediction might seem quite optimistic. But it is one that may well come true if you consider the possibilities that metaverse offers. One such effort in creating an engaging digital world is introducing the idea of having a metaverse girlfriend.

Let’s dive deeper into what that could mean for real-world relationships.

Humans of the Metaverse 

At its core, the metaverse is a concept of a 3D universe. It aims to allow human beings to work, interact, socialize, buy, and sell together.

Each human in the metaverse has their own avatar that they use to interact with other people.

creating your avatar on Decentraland
Creating your avatar on Decentraland

In addition to simply talking, these avatars can perform certain actions to interact in the metaverse. This interaction can be done in many different ways. One of which is, selecting an option from a list or push a button to confirm an action and perform it. For instance, you can use an Oculus VR headset with a hand-held controller to point towards an option infront of your virtually visible 3d panel as shown in the picture below. While you are interacting with things, objects and other humans inside metaverse space will see you as your selected avatar.

interacting in metaverse via virtual headset
image credits: Comparison of Radial and Panel Menus in Virtual Reality

Similarly you can attend a meeting in the metaverse. Once the meeting is over, you can then relax in a blockchain-based game. You can even manage your financial assets inside the metaverse.

While the metaverse isn’t yet in its full existence, many platforms are taking it in stride. Especially working hard on technologies for advanced interaction inside metaverse which are far beyond just talking, and selecting via remote control. For example, the sense of touch and feel with a specially designed body suit similar to what shown in a movie Ready Player One.

How Cryptocurrency Fits into the Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies create a digital economy within the metaverse through the use of tokens and virtual assets. The most famous of those assets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs include all types of virtual collectibles. This ranges anything digital land, real-estate property, artworks such as cyber girl art, meta girlfriends nft, and unique items like sports memorabilia, such as NBA Top Shot.

In the metaverse, people use crypto coins to buy and sell goods and NFTs. For example, if you go to a bar inside Decentraland metaverse space, you can purchase a beer by spending Decentraland own coin called MANA. This way, the decentralized nature of the blockchain and metaverse can provide even small players with livable incomes.

Some of the most significant projects to watch out for in the NFT universe include:

Many companies are also using metaverse to revamp their marketing campaigns. A great example is that of Puma’s Manhattan store. They store user’s metaverse QR code to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Once a customer scans the code, they see a 3D model of Puma’s mascot. The mascot provides them with directions to the basketball section. It also allows them to take a selfie with it. Puma also uses this on shoe tags to create a unique AR experience for its customers.

Socializing is one of the main aspects of the metaverse. It gives users a convenient way of connecting with one another. And sometimes, even form relationships.

One way of furthering these human bonds has been that of getting a meta gf (a cyber girl in metaverse). Let’s have a deeper look at how girlfriends in the metaverse are becoming a thing.

What are Meta Girlfriends?

The concept of a metaverse girlfriend (a.k.a Metagirlfriend) has exploded in popularity. Many meta girlfriend nft art is selling at extravagant prices to enthusiasts. Put simply, you can now buy yourself a girlfriend online. Lets have a look at two of the most famous meta girlfriends projects;

Meta Girlfriends - cyber girls in Metaverse
Art by Dina Dee. Background by pikisuperstar

Meta Girlfriends

A recent NFT collection called Meta Girlfriends has attracted many people’s attention. The Ethereum-based NFT collection contains 1,642 pieces. The current floor price being 0.02 ETH (equals $1,707 as per this article publish date).

Meta Girlfriends essentially contains artwork. The artwork uses elements that are very similar to video game characters and anime. The “girlfriends” come in a wide variety of genres. They also have their own complex personalities.

Fashion beauties, hell demons, pirate captains, sexy nurses, attractive aliens, mermaids – you name it. There are all kinds of girlfriend styles that often go beyond one’s expectations.

To buy the cyber girl art created by Meta Girlfriends, you have to pay in crypto. The artwork is that of an often pretty unique cartoon/photo of a woman. Each character comes with its own set of traits and a unique personality. This personality is randomly generated across 20 categories.

Not only do these girlfriends have unique traits but there is no repetition of images. Despite being different, each girlfriend has a greatly fluctuating price. The price depends on the girlfriend’s popularity and the features it has to offer.

Owners of one of these NFTs have the “Members Only” option too. This option includes the ability to look at full versions of their metaverse girlfriend. This, then, gives the feel of having, or rather more accurately “owning”, a girlfriend.

Then there is the “Private View” option. This lets holders undress their metaverse girlfriends and view unclothed versions of them.

There is also a Rainbow Room. Here, users can mix and match traits from two different Meta Girlfriends and create a new unique one.

The idea of purchasing a girlfriend can sound uncomfortable to many. But the more a user holds onto a girlfriend they have, the more explicit the content that a user can see.

On the other hand, if a user breaks up with their NFT girlfriend, the new user will then re-earn that NSFW girlfriend (Not Safe For Work) content.

Bull Market Meta Girlfriends

Another famous project in the same realm is Bull Market Girlfriends.

Girlfriends in this NFT collection are unique as well. You can buy a Good Girl Girlfriend, a Beauty Queen Girlfriend, and even an Alien Girlfriend.

Bull Market Girlfriends have exploded in popularity since its launch. Up until now, the collection has done over $1 million in trade volume on OpenSea. It has some of the most popular pieces of cyber girl art as part of it.

The least expensive girlfriend on (#14) is available on the market for a discounted price of $3116.38 or 2 ETH.

Top 5 Cyber Girl Art  

There are thousands of metaverse girlfriend NFTs out there.  Below, we have mentioned some of the most favorite and the most expensive cyber girl art available on OpenSea.

1. Meta Girlfriend #1000 – 1,000 ETH ($1,575,290) (unsold)

2. Meta Girlfriend #1739 – 69.69 ETH ($110,581.30) (unsold)

3. Meta Girlfriend #6950 – 69 ETH ($109,486.44)

4. Meta Girlfriend #3 – 44 ETH ($69,828) (sold)

5. Meta Girlfriend #730 – 0.4 ETH ($633.96) (sold)

Dating in the Metaverse: How to Acquire and Interact with Metaverse Girlfriends

The Metaverse has gathered huge investments from tech giants including Google and Microsoft. This interest from such big players likely means that metaverse has great potential. It may even become a regular part of our lives and affect our real-world relationships.

Dating in the virtual world and having a metaverse girlfriend is already a thing. This new type of dating brings with it newer possibilities for romantic relationships.

Many users are already finding love online through the use of VRChat.Let’s have a look at how one can go about doing that.

Finding a Metaverse Girlfriend On VRChat – Step by Step

In VRChat, you can create full-body avatars along with life-like body language. You can then participate in all sorts of activities including attending parties, watching videos with your friends and family, and even go to a metaverse strip club.

You can do virtually anything in this game. Yes, that includes getting a metaverse girlfriend and taking her out on a date – just like what this YouTuber did.

Step 1: Finding a Girl 

The first step to getting a metaverse girlfriend is to find a girl. You can do this by visiting different worlds within VRChat and approaching a female avatar. Remember that you don’t need an Oculus VR headset to play VRChat. You can play the game on your computer as well.

Many people use the Black Cat server. This is simply a world within VRChat that features different places. It includes lounging areas for avatars to hang out and interact with each other. You can also move to more private areas in Black Cat, if needed.

VRChat also has many social events and parties. Here, you can go and meet new people. However, a useful tip is to start with worlds with a smaller population. This way, it is easier to find someone to talk to. One of the best place to find girlfriends is most popular disco club in VRChat called VOLT. The approach of finding a girl will be similar to how you’d to in real-world. Look-out for a girl standing or siting alone inside the club. As seen in the picture below, any of these girls could be your potential target.

Volt disco clud in VRChat to find meta girlfriends


Another way of finding a girl to go on a virtual date with is through a separate platform, such as On these platforms, you can hire a girl to go on a date with you by paying them. Once paid, the e-girl or e-pal is now yours to take on a date for a set amount of time.

Step 2: Asking Them Out

If you are trying to find girls by roaming around on VRChat worlds, it might take a couple of tries before you find someone you like.

Once you like an avatar that you like having a conversation with, you can then ask them out on a date. Picture below shows some screenshots of an activity of user asking a girl out for date, and finally dancing with her in the club.

Taking a meta girlfriends on date

If both of your mutual understandings match, you can sent her a friend request and add her into your friends circle. Sending and accepting friend requests in VRChat can be done in following simple steps;

  • ask the girl their exact profile name
  • press escape key to open up the menu & select Social tab
  • write the user profile name in the search bar located at top right corner
  • Once you find their profile, simple open it and press button friend

how to sent friend request in VRChat

You can then send the request from their profile. A small icon at the top of this menu also allows you to accept requests.

Watch out for fake profiles. Just like in any other social media apps, people can pretend to be anyone. Many users have experienced sexy female avatars but actually the are being controlled by male humans. 

Step 3: Going on a Date

Once on a date, the possibilities to what you can do are endless.

In addition to holding conversations, you both can visit different worlds in virtual reality together. You can go to restaurants, bars, parks, and even art galleries. You can even watch a movie together in a space station!

Since VR allows you to produce gestures, you both can also hold hands, hug, and play games together.

How Relationships in the Metaverse can Impact in Real World

As VR tech continues to evolve, it is presenting us with new ways to interact with human beings. These ways don’t really involve us being in the same room with them. Thus, you now have more options to bond with a stranger other than your wedded partner.

This raises the question of ethicality and infidelity. It forces one to think about what we can define as cheating.

This is especially true with the development of haptic technology. This technology lets users experience touch in the metaverse. This means going beyond simply buying a piece of cyber girl art. There is rising concern from people about what these realistic interactions can mean. How will they be impacting real relationships?

A relationship likely won’t end with a partner watching adult content online. But marriages ending over virtual sex and relationships are nothing new. This might be because unlike just watching a video, engaging in sexual and romantic acts in the metaverse involves one participating actively in creating the encounter.

This means every individual involved in the scenario is emotionally invested. This can then translate to cheating in real life. In the end, though, what constitutes cheating depends on how each couple defines the boundaries of their relationship.

Closing Thoughts 

Whether we reach the point of a complete metaverse is unsure. In the meantime, we can already experience metaverse-like real-life experiences.

The idea of having a meta girlfriends that is like a real girlfriend isn’t far-fetched.

As virtual technology grows, we’ll witness lines blurring between digital and physical worlds. That provides us with newer opportunities for sexual, and even sensual, experiences.

As of now, it appears that the metaverse is a huge opportunity for the dating and adult industry. It will allow for deeper connections between people, despite the distance.

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