Installing build-essentials in CentOS (make, gcc, gdb)

Once upon a time I was a very avid desktop user of Ubuntu Linux. As a software developer, I would usually need the standard build tools installed on my machine.

Installing build tools in Debian/Ubuntu

In Debian/Ubuntu, you can install the typical build tools by installing the package build-essentials, which is just a pseudo-package that downloads all the popular development packages:

# apt-get install build-essentials

Installing build tools in CentOS

Since I prefer CentOS as my server platform, I also occasionally need to install packages using yum.

To install the common build tools using yum in CentOS you’ll want to install the group package “Development Tools”, which is similar to build-essentials in Debian/Ubuntu flavors of linux. You’ll probably also want to install kernel-devel and kernel-headers if they’re not already installed:

# yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
# yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers

This should give you a copy of make, gcc, gdb, and all those other tools you were looking for.

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