Five Tech Gadgets That Need Further Innovation

I think that there are a lot of tech gadgets out there to be excited about. We have smart watches that are up and coming, drones that are navigating the skies, and even live robots that are starting to walk upright ( it’s scary ).

There is however, certain gadgets that have been around for a while that desperately need some innovation to make them up to date. This is what we will talk about today, and if you have your own that are on this list, feel free to share in the comments below.

Coffee Machines

This may not seem like a gadget, but it certainly is and has the potential to be even more technological than it currently is. Coffee machines have not been evolving much since the birth of the Keurig pods, which by the way is terrible for the environment ( to the point where the inventor himself said he regrets his innovation ).

We need to see some major improvements in this field, especially since an astonishing number of people drink coffee daily.

What Needs To Be Improved: We could use some more features on these machines, like perhaps installing Amazon’s Alexa on them. What a great idea that is, let’s pitch it to Amazon now. Also, another thing that needs improvement here is the fact that the convenient pod based machines do not really brew fresh coffee.

If there was a way to integrate a grinder with the machine itself in a very quick manner, this would be a big hit in the coffee community.

Wireless Charging

Wireless chargers are still new to the industry, for the most part, but a lot of them are just so inconvenient. For example, Samsung’s pad requires you to plug it in and then put the phone on top. Why not just plug the phone directly then? What’s the difference? Seriously.

What Needs To Be Improved: A new way of wireless charging were it works completely wireless, and perhaps even portable because that is when you would need a wireless charger the most. I know it’s hard, but we can do it.

Electric Shavers

These cool products have been getting better in terms of providing you a super clean shave that mirrors that of a razor, but not much has been done recently in terms of innovating these products to do even more. The best electric shavers out there are in the $200+ price range, with some even going upwards of $300, so you can expect some features that will surely impress.

What Needs To Be Improved: The cooltech innovation by Braun is great, but we need some more companies putting an effort into improving these shavers to do more than just help you shave. Perhaps installing a feature that helps guide you in the angle you should be maneuvering the shaver depending on which direction your hair grows would be a great idea. Especially since the hair on your face can grow in different directions in more than 4 areas!

Wearable Gadgets

Sure there’s the Fitbit and the Apple watch, but these two products leave a lot to be desired. There is definitely major improvements that can be made for wearable gadgets that can be truly life changing. Taking the direction of mental and physical health tracking is a good idea that is currently being done, but nothing crazy is currently out there.

What Needs To Be Improved: A lot can be done here. The potential of wearable gadgets is so vast that it is difficult to just pinpoint one thing. There is very smart scientists and technicians out there currently working on these, so we will just have to wait and see what happens in the near future.

Virtual Reality

This one might not be fair to put on here, but it must be because the potential for these products are ludicrous. We would all love to see completely interactive and team based virtual reality games, but how far away are we? In the near future, it is more than possible that we could be playing team sports like soccer and basketball on a virtual reality platform.

occuluss virtual reality
The occulus rift

What Needs To Be Improved: The possibilities are endless here. If you have tried virtual reality products recently, you would notice that the games just aren’t that impressive. This is something that needs to be improved and soon because we are all excited on the potential outcomes.

Those 5 ideas are mine on what could be improved in the tech world. If you have your own, which there are plenty more that aren’t covered above, feel free to share!

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